Saturday, July 17, 2010

Mechanithralls and Final Tournament Prep

First, here's my finished max unit of Mechanithralls in all their shambling, rotten, steam punk glory. I had fun painting these guys, and tried to keep them simple so I could turn over the whole unit quickly. The skin is a base coat of hormagaunt purple, then thrall flesh washed with the flesh tone citadel wash and then highlighted again with thrall flesh. All the gore, muscles, etc. is citadel dark flesh, highlighted with red gore and washed in old school chestnut ink. I stuck with the dark flesh for the highlights on all the hoses and such and gave them a few different ink washes to make them look suitably grimy. The armor is tin bitz highlighted with pig iron and then liberally washed with Devlan Mud. The skulls were Jack Bone, highlighted with Menoth White Highlight and then washed with sepia citadel wash. Finally I picked out the eyes and vents with necrotite green and then one last highlight with the green mixed with white. I painted these guys in groups of three (except for the color test model) which seemed to make them go down much easier.

In my pSkarre army I'm taking for the tourney tomorrow the Mechanithralls exist to tarpit away objectives. The necrosurgeon will keep a stitch thrall and herself close to the unit to make sure she can replenish any unfortuante casualties and that alone should make these power fisted skeletons a thorn in anyone's side. If my opponent wants them gone, he will have to focus more than just a few shots or a wayward solo on them. The mechanithralls also pose a serious threat under Dark Guidance and Skarre's feat turn, so I'm going to keep an eye for any opening when they can make a quick move on a jack and tear it apart.

Tournament Tomorrow!

So we will be making the trek down to Games and Stuff tomorrow to see how we fare against other Warmachine players. My lists are set, pSkarre and eSkarre, and since the variant being used requires both lists see equal play, I'm glad I got some play testing in last Wednesday night. I'm going in expecting to lose so any victory will be huge. Look back tomorrow night for a full report, hopefully with some pictures!

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  1. game on! let's show glen burnie how to lose carney style. maybe we'll get some shots of the elves, but i'm not sure your readers will like my painting technique.

    "first i sprayed black on the models. then i hoped someone else would paint them."