Sunday, July 18, 2010

Warmachine Tournament Report with Pics.

Well our first WM tourney was today. I went down with Joe and Brandon fully expecting to just have some fun. This was my first time to Games and Stuff in Glen Burnie, and I have to say it is an impressive store with an awesome gaming space. Only problem was the air conditioner wasn't working in the gaming area. It crested at 98 degrees outside today, so it was a little warm in there. The heat didn't get to me til game three, but by then my brain was fried.

Game one. I played a really nice guy who ended up winning the whole tournament. He brought Khador and had pIrusk against me. I was rattled for some reason and made mistake after mistake while my dice seemingly had joined the motherland as I was steady dropping ones and twos on three even four dice. I got ganked by battle lusted Kayazy assassins who were able to leave combat and beat Skarre down. It was a frustrating, but educational game.

Game two was against a beautifully painted Circle army headed up by Baldur. The scenario was kill box. All the luck I didn't have in game one came in this game. I was able to really rip up his army using Blackspot and the leviathan while the Satyxis captain was leaping in, offing a model and jumping back. In the end however, my opponnent moved Baldur with a teleport to get him away from certain death via charging eSkarre, Seether and Blood Witches only to find he was an inch out of the kill box after the 'port! Victory to the pirate Queen!

Game Three was against Joe. We travel for an hour to play warmachine, and end up playing a rematch of last week's garage game. The game was gauntlet and we went back and forth, but in the end ran out of time with Joe having one control point. I could talk about how I could of won it, but he played a much better game than I did, and deserved the win. He went on to get 'jack slapped by a Khador list so I felt better...

Game Four. At this point it was a million degrees, and already 6pm. I hadn't eaten anything and was developing a raging headache. My opponnent was a legion player with a pThag list with plenty of beasts in a close quarters scenario. We smashed into each other, killed a few models, healed our casters. But as 7pm rolled around and realizing we were not in any place to claim a prize, we decided to call it a draw. He was a good guy, with a vicious list. I'd like to play it again, in the air conditioning, and as my first game of the day.

So... in the end? More practice needed. Hordes is tough and I think I'm still hitting too piecemeal. eSkarre felt much more prepared to deal with the scenarios and the tougher lists. pSkarre seemed to rely on getting lucky. Still plan on sticking to the lists, but definitely need to play them some more.


  1. to be fair, i didn't get 'jack slapped. i charged a old man in a giant warjack suit, and bladed him multiple times with my full focus caster.

    he then swatted me like a bug with his fist. so i got 'jack swatted, or 'jack smashed, but trust me, it was more than a slap.

  2. Those boards seem downright naked.

  3. Good writeup. Glad to know I wasn't the only one who got a raging headache from the heat. I was the Khador player who faced Joe in game 4.

    His dice really failed him on Gary's assassination run, or things might have gone a little differently for the game's oldest living warcaster.

  4. Hey, saw this off the ppforums. Thanks for the very kind words, I was the guy in turn 1.

    I think you understated your horrid rolls. You'd make a solid move, then your dice would laugh. Then you'd make a move to cover that move, and your dice would laugh. To your great credit though, it did not get you down, and the entire game was thoroughly enjoyable! I'd love to get in a rematch after your dice have been thoroughly, ahem, 'educated'.

  5. Tony and JC glad you found the blog! Drop in often, it's always good to get some comments. JC: my dice are currently being "spoken to" quite firmly and I'm definitely up for that rematch sometime soon.