Thursday, July 15, 2010

Warmachine Tournament Lists + "The Kill Mechanic"

So Sunday is the Warmachine Tournament... after tonight I think I've cemented my two lists. I want to predict that I will lose every game on Sunday, but it'll still be fun. I won three in a row tonight, but two of them I really had no right to win. In one my opponent's dice just didn't like him, and the other I won through my opponent forgetting to do something before moving on in his activation. We did play with timed turns which was strangely intense.

So the lists:

minSatyxis Raiders + UA
min Satyxis Blood Witches +UA
Max Mech Thralls
Necro Surgeon
3 Black Ogrun
Satyxis Raider Captain

Warwitch Siren
min Raiders + UA
min Bloodwitches +UA
Satyxis Raider Captain

The second list seems to be a little more cagey and built for scenario play, while the first is my run forward, punch enemy in face and hope for the best.

So our discussion tonight, post games, was "the kill mechanic" of a Warmmachine list. How does your list get the job done. In our group we have a great Retribution army based on Garryth which can shoot through things with mage hunters, move all over the place and generally set up a ranged assassination run pretty quickly. We also have a Khador list that is a huge swarm of Winterguard which are there to clear out the rest of the army leaving things open to a Sorscha feat turn that spells death and destruction. Our Legion player uses the speed of his beasts to set up eLyl for a ranged hit and our troll player has Mulg. Just Mulg. Throughout all of these, we've noticed ourselves developing a definite series of events that are our "kill mechanic." In looking at my tourney lists, I see two kill mechanics for each list. The first for both lists is the raider + backlash = dead caster, Against Warmachine armies, this will probably be my main plan for putting the hurt on my opponent. In the pSkarre list, the kill mechanic is definitely her feat turn. Get a charge lane for Skarre or the Seether, or even any of the units, pop feat and hope for the best. The e Skarre kill mechanic is a little more vague. In that list, I think the KM is also based around her feat, but this time it's all about putting the opponent in a position where he's over extended, and now can't do anything for a turn. I think that this gets inside an army and puts them in a spot where there are several ways to do the deed... a "black spot" if you will...

So that's my two cents after an evening of drinking and Warmachine. I'd like to see some actual comments on this post. What's the kill mechanic in your army? Is it usually the same? What's the "perfect set up" that gets you the win?

Also... anyone interested in my earlier mentioned D&D campaign being run this summer check out We'll be keeping a running log there of everything that happens in game. We had an awesome lead off 7 hour session last weekend. Board game night last week entailed two great rounds of Killer Bunnies and the Search for the Magic Carrot. Some night when I'm not so tired, I'll put a review of that awesome game on the blog.


  1. my kill mechanic is praying that I can roll 6's on 2d6. suffice to say, i'm looking for a new deity.

    but seriously, i need to get garryth within striking distance, everything in the army is designed to make that happen. i'm concerned that i have one unit (the sentinels) that is my beat stick, and if they're trashed, my plan is usually shot. with kaelyssa, it's more prayer, because i'm not sure how to win with her.

    solid gaming last night, i love getting killed by pirates.

  2. I play goreshade and I either win the attrition battle with my banes or one of my stalkers finds a hole in the enemies lines caused by my banes and takes out the caster. The common denominator is pinning he caster in place and casting mage blight at the right time. It's always risky but I've become really good at it. Of course if I face a non-living caster I have to hope that attrition battle goes in my favor.

  3. Is there a way to tell in the tournament you were playing at what was the breakdown of armies?