Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Upcoming Projects or Why I Love Wargaming...

I love this hobby. That's the focus of this post tonight. We've gotten a lot of great games in recently, I've been painting up a storm, read some great fiction and am just on a real high for this insane hobby of ours. I was listening to the re-launch of 40k radio tonight while starting my new painting project and was thinking about how long I've been at this. I started back in '97 with WFB simply from a hobby perspective and had an entire painted army that never played a game. From there I launched into 40k and have stayed steadily involved there on and off with a few side steps back into WFB and now, most recently, fell into Privateer Press. The hobby gives me my fill of art, good story telling, brain exercise, and time with my friends. It's a rare hobby that offers all of those things, and the payback on time and even money spent has always been worth it. The time with friends alone, and the competitve trash talking side that comes with it, is often priceless. On the other side, we were able to host a successful benefit tournament last year to raise over $2000 for Cancer Research.

My other big hobby sink is cycling. I actually spend much more time on the bike than I do painting or playing, but something I realized the other day is that my mind often wanders back to wargaming during the merciless fifty to seventy five mile rides that mid summer brings. I was climbing some rough hills the other day and planning the color scheme on my new Circle Army. I enjoy the mental workouts that the hobby brings even when not being directly engaged in. Cycling is a solo hobby no matter how many club rides you go on. The hours on the bike often give me time to think about many things, but I do plan and contemplate my various armies while I ride and enjoy that "double diversion" both hobbies can bring. Both hobbies also give me a chance to "unwind." I have a very intensive day job and whether it's a two hour painting session after my wonderful wife goes to bed or a two hour hills workout, those two hobbies allow me to stay a little sane.

So enough waxing on the fun of this hobby of ours... some new painting project updates.
-pSkarre 35 pt Army: Done!
-eSkarre 35 pt Army: Done!
Next on the table is my Circle Orboros 35 point Army. I entered the Hordes Painting Challenge over at http://www.tabletopgamingnews.com/ and will be working on a Kromac army for the challenge. I don't know how much I want to play the army right now, as I really enjoy my Cryx armies, but I enjoy the change up for the painting table. The army looks like this right now:
Pureblood Warpwolf
Feral Warpwolf
Warpwolf Stalker
Druids + UA
Shifting Stones
This should be a pretty quick paint project, as I already have Kromac's human form and the feral warpwolf totally finished as of tonight. After that I think I'll be adding to my Cryx armies or maybe finally paint up my Space Hulk set for a change of pace.

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