Friday, July 2, 2010

Satyxis! Part 2

So last time I took a look at painting the flesh tones on the lovely ladies of Cryx. Tonight I'll hit some of the other painting pieces but also give my spin on how the three Satyxis choices work out in an army.

Painting The Horns: The white horns on my Satyxis are a four part process. Over black primer, I give a base coat of jack bone. This is highlighted with Menoth White highlight on the ridges of the horns with special attention given to the point of the horn, while leaving more of the base at the bottom. After letting this dry completely, I was the horns with Citadel Gryphonne Sepia. The wash finishes off the shade and helps blend the base and the highlight together. The final stage is simply putting the model under my shop light and hitting the final highlights with some Menoth White Highlight. Skarre's horns were done in a much more elaborate method, but that's why she's a warcaster!

Metal: The satyxis in my army have two different metal tones. Their silver and their gold. All of my metal is given a base of Citadel Tin Bitz. For the silver, I lightly overbrush Beaten Iron leaving just a hint of the Bitz showing at the bottom of things to make the metal look a little more worn. I highlight with mithril silver and usually wash with Devlan mud to dull everything out a bit. The golds are also based on tin bits, but use a Vallejo Gold paint instead of P3 or Citadel. I highlight with a hint of Mithril Silver and usually do a watered down Chestnut Ink wash to give my golds a red hue.

The Girls In My Army: As of right now, my satyxis raiders have more caster kills under their belts than any other unit I've run. The raiders are my shock troops, but I still play a little cautious when it comes to sticking them out there. Even with the Seawitch's incredible boost to their survivability, they can't stand concentrated efforts to bring them down. I tend to make use of their speed and pathfinder to have them work the flanks to look for a nice juicy warjack to go after. With the release of the captain, this strategy is working even better as she makes them faster than ever and immune to knockdown effects. Coupled with pSkarre, I've found this unit to be absolutely awesome. Double feedback kills casters if you can get it off. Dark Guidance and the Sea Witch's powerswell kill anything you need dead. Don't forget to keep an eye out for crits on the lacerators for the knockdown effect and don't forget to attack with the girls' horns!
The Blood Witches are much more of a speedbump unit in my mind. Run them up. Mix 'em in. Kill off some infantry. Use the Hag's mini feat to stay alive for another turn, and really throw a wrench in your opponent's plans. The Blood Witches shouldn't be taking on anything other than infantry. First they don't seem to be able to do much against jacks, but secondly the effects on their weapons are made to kill lots of one wounds guys. With gang putting them at a respectable MAT 8, odds are they are going to hit. If you get a kill against regular infantry, you are almost garunteed a second with the mini sac strike ability granted to the unit. Alternatively, start creating clouds and shield the bulk of your army that is coming up the middle.

So there's my two cents. All opinions are based only on my experiences, so please point out any holes in my reasoning! I hope to have some Mechanithrall pics up for everyone soon. Happy Fourth of July!

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  1. Looking really nice mate. Your army is really coming along. Hope my troll army comes out as nice.