Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Board Game Night: Last Night on Earth!

Taking a step away from Warmachine for a bit... my wife and I hosted our first board game night of the summer tonight and had a great time playing Last Night on Earth by Flying Frog Games WEB SITE

The game was a fun shift away from wargaming for a night, especially since we played it with two couples who are not into our "normal" type of gaming. In LNoE 4 players play the heroes while one or two players control the zombies. The game board is random, as are the scenarios. Characters can move around the board to search the various buildings in the town for items, other survivors, and other things to help them survive. This is all done through a simple card drawing mechanic. The zombie player brings a swarm of flesh eating undead from various spawn points on the board to try to munch on the heroes' juicy frontal lobes. Zombie players have cards as well that can augment their zombies, deny heroes abilties, and alter the rules of movement on the board. There are a couple of laugh out loud cards in the game which keep the mood light, but overall I was really impressed with how well the game caught the hopeless suffocating atmosphere of a good zombie movie.

Can I just say I had a fricking awesome time? There were many cries of "brains" as the dice hit the table and both games we played were nail biters that came down to the last turns. It was a fun break from the norm. We've decided to throw more board game nights this summer so I'm pulling out Settlers of Catan, Killer Bunnies, Talisman, and more. I'm also hoping to be able to finally play space hulk!

Other news? I'm finally digging into the pile of novels that have languished by the wayside due to work. I'm over halfway done Graham McNeil's "A Thousand Sons" and have enjoyed it. No one will ever accuse the Horus Heresy series of being great literature, but it's a fun read. This installment has done an especially good job of portraying the frustration of the whole heresy. There's some great allegory there if you feel like picking it apart, but I'm on vacation so I'm turning the English teacher part of my brain off for a few weeks.

Next week will also mark the first session of our summer D&D campaign.We're headed back to Eberron for the summer and I'll probably put an update on two here as the campaign winds on. I figure we're all nerds here right? We've settled on playing 4e again for this one, which is not my first choice. I've recently procured the Pathfinder rules and am wondering why we ever switched...

Big WoW patch today too... it's a good week to be a geek!


  1. Hi! Great review. I'd like to explore the possibility of you writing for boardgamebeast.com -- please get in touch if you are interested.

  2. Sounds great! Drop me an email with more info d9bike@gmail.com