Sunday, June 20, 2010

Getting the Most out the Black Ogrun Boarding Party

I think it's interesting that this is the one unit on Battle College for Cryx that hasn't been updated for MK II. Most people seem to have no clue what to do with the big guys, I include myself in that number, however I keep seeming to find myself including them in my army. Now that they are painted up, they probably will be in my lists for good.

The Harpoon: Overrated? Most of the talk on the boards is about the harpoon ability of the unit. W/ combined range attack they are still only operating at RAT 7 with one shot, so reliability is out the window on this one. When it works though... I've dragged models out of line of sight to set up assasination runs, pulled badly placed UAs to their untimely deaths, and lassoed light 'jacks into the waiting whips of my satyxis raiders. Over all, it's fun when it works, but I don't see the harpoon as the strength of these guys.

Melee Terrors! Ok, so they only have one attack, but that attack hits almost as hard as a jack and there are three of them in a min unit! The decent ARM (well for Cryx that is...) and the 8 damage boxes give them some staying power as well. Used in concert with debuffs or an army wide feat like pSkarre, these boys are now incredible in hand to hand. Causing terror is just icing on the cake!

Black Ogrun (Bokur?) With three models at min and a medium base, the ogrun can serve as a decent body guard for a small based caster. Just remember they can be knocked down...

I like the angry gorillas of the sea, if nothing else they add a cool new look to the army. For 4 points you have to weigh them against another arc node or min unit of Blood Witches. It really comes down to preference.

Oh, Wednesday night was a 2.5 hr. blood bath that ended with eDoomshaper crushing Skarre with his staff... great game though. Man trolls are .... tough.


  1. Ooh! A tactics article. The blog is beginning to take shape.

  2. I'm on vacation Reese. Get ready for a summer of bloggy goodness. Want to do a guest article?

  3. tactics? he said he didn't know how to use them and that he lost.

    those are the same "tactics" i've been using against hanan.