Sunday, June 27, 2010

Skarre and the Girls Got Elfed!

What a rough night for the pirate forces of Skarre Ravenmane. I played two games last night (and ate some great food and drank many beers) and lost in both. The first game was an objective game and I got outmanuevered by Gareth and his magehunters. The raider captain did show off her worth, and I will definitely be using her in all my Skarre armies, sprint is a great ability! The blood witches died horribly without accomplishing anything due to some real bad judgement on my part.

The second game was a 4 on 4 big battle. This time it took two Retribution casters to do ol' Skarre in but the result was roughly the same. Biggest eye opener in that game was just how powerful Feorra can be against infantry with her feat.

May be getting some games in Wednesday night, we shall see. On the painting table right now are 10 mechanithralls to finish off pSkarre's 35 army and then it's time to take a little break from paintin Cryx. I think I'll work up my 35 point Circle army next. Of course there are so many more little undead gribblies in my army case begging to be painted... we shall see.

1 comment:

  1. the power of unpainted models shows again.

    solid games all around, can't really learn too much the first time you play a scenario.

    i think all your readers would like to see what you do with an elf, paint wise.