Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Satyxis Blood Witches: painting 'em and using 'em

Back to painting units after some time on warjacks and big based guys. The Blood Witches are great sculpts, if a little small. Up against their raider sisters they look like the girls track team vs. the girl's volleyball team back in high school. I kept the color scheme very similar to everything else in the army. Cryx Bane Base, Blue to purple for secondary cloth and armor, black leather, gold metalwork. I mixed up some necrotite green and mixing medium to get the effect on the blade and used the same mix to give the eyes their glow. She hasn't been gloss/ dull coted yet so she's still a little shiny, but the idea is there! I have two more on the painting table with the flesh, faces, hair and cloth done, with three more to get the min. unit done. Hopefully by the end of the weekend these lovely ladies will be painted and ready to go.

Game wise, I've had four games with the witches now. They are fast, and with "gang" tend to hit often. I've only used their mini "sac strike" ability so far (after killing a model do an auto hit to a model w/in 3" = to the STR of the killed model) but it has let me pick off solos and UAs with incredible ease. I look forward to adding the Blood Hag in, not for all the Hordes shennanigans, but for her mini feat that can turn the girls incorporeal for a turn. Adding the raider captain will also give them a little more oomph by keeping them safe from knockdown. I will have them in both Skarre's lists 99% of the time.

Warmachine Night tomorrow night! Look for updates!


  1. looking cool - my mate rob has just got some of these so i suspect i shall find out how good they are in the next weekend or two.

  2. Nice work, I'm looking forward to trying them out myself,(once my order turns up).

  3. Thanks guys! I hope to get the whole unit finished here shortly. I'm liking them more and more each time I use them and I just got my Hag in the mail, so we'll see what she brings to the table!