Sunday, June 6, 2010

Warmachine Saturday: Results

Saturday night was spent throwing dice and drinking beer. Some wives must worry when they go out of town that their husbands will be partying it up at the bar... our wives rest easy knowing that we will be playing with little pewter soldiers and drinking beer in someone's basement. Yet, I digress...

Two 35 point games for me Saturday night, and one bye which let me sit there are read the May No Quarter.

GAME 1: My opponent was a Protectorate list headed up my Admon Al Raza and his pack o' jacks. I ran pSkarre and her infantry heavy list. I followed my normal plan with a rotating refused flank, two arc nodes running the furthest east west points from Skarre and the satyxis up the middle. Two of his jacks got a little too close and the girls got in there with a well placed backlash. Amon was down to 6 health. He declared the charge with a jack, and was an inch short. Backlash, feat, satyxis and black ogrun... game over.

GAME 2: Retribution. Specifically Kaelyssa Retribution. Two jacks, sentinels, Mage Hunters, and some other stuff... I thought my ship was sunk after I got a little ahead of myself in turn 1. Turn three saw eSkarre popping her feat and throwing his plans into dissarray. From there, three more turns went down with the necrosurgeon keeping Skarre alive while my jacks slowly (very slowly) pulled his army apart until my seether put the final wounds on Kaelyssa. My skarlock actually collected a soul in this game. First time that's ever happened...

I'm happy with these two lists. I'll probably re-tune them when I get the FoW Cryx book this week, at least to get the Satyxis captain in there. The Black Ogrun did real well with pSkarre, but I think their presence in the eSkarre list is less than optimal.  Speaking of the B.O. I have one completely finished with another started. Hopefully I'll get them done this week.

Happy Gaming!

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  1. bah! the elves will have their revenge.

    stupid pirates.