Sunday, June 13, 2010

Painted Cryx Update

Well just a little update on my painting progress. The Black Ogrun and Nightwretch are now finished. The Ogrun were actually a fun unit to paint. I stuck to the purples and cryx bane scheme that everything else has, but applied it in some interesting places. I'll get some individual shots later this week, my first few were too dark due to some lighting issues.
Seeing the army starting to come together, I'm glad that I didn't overdo the water bases. The models who have the shoreline look break up the army as a whole, but the blue doesn't overwhelm your eye when you see them. Next on the painting block is a minimum unit of Blood Witches. Followed by a brand spanking new Satyxis Captain and hopefully a Blood Hag. Lastly, I'll hit up a unit of mechanithralls and then both Skarres will have their 35 point lists painted.
After the 35 pointers are done, I might turn to my circle for a bit and try to have 35 points painted up prior to the event we're thinking about attending down in Rockville on the 31st. Shouldn't be tough since my 35 point list is 3 giant werewolves, 3 chunks of rock, a shapeshifting caster, and seven druids. Nowhere near the time required to do the Cryxian stuff.
No huge surprises in the Cryx book. The tier lists are neat, but nothing to really write home about. The book itsself though is absolutely incredible with regards to story and art. Privateer really blows GW out of the water when it comes to publishing great books. I'm going to go and fall asleep flipping through it right now.

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