Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Circle Orboros: The Theory

Greetings from Baltimore where it is... gasp... raining. Hey, it's ok, because the new forecast for the weekend includes "wintry mix." Not even freakin' Halloween yet...

"Here lies D-9... Maryland weather finally drove him so mad his brain asplode'"

Well with the tournament last weekend in the "done" column, I figure it's time to shift focus to a different one of my 4 Warmachine Factions.It's time for werewolves and angry hippies, it's time for heart eatin', forestwalkin', pathfindin', and all sorts of other fun things it's time for Circle Orboros.

Now, I've had my Circle army since early on in our dabblings with Warmahordes (dabblings... makes it sound like witchcraft on the after school specials... "those kids were never the same after they started dabblin' in that witchcraft....") but I am notoriously bad with them. I mean really, really, really bad. I think it's time to change that, so I'm declaring the Circle as my faction of choice for the Fall and early Winter. (plus when I play an army it makes me want to paint it... I'd really like to get some paint on some of these models.)

So in trying not to repeat the past, I'm trying to figure out what makes Circle "Work." Here's my preliminary findings.

1: They ignore rules: Of course they do, they're Whordez! But more than just the every day Hordes ignoring rules, Circle ignores rules about line of sight and movement. Many models have pathfinder and some have, or can be given, hunter. Being able to make warpwolves ghostly is another neat trick. This is the key in my plan. I need to maximize moving the army in and through places others can't/ aren't expecting me to be.

2: They're the manuever kings: This is nothing new to me. I played Ravenwing in 40k. When I first tried this faction though I had only ever played my Satyxis lists. Now after a solid year of playing Cygnar I understand just how fast a Circle list can be. Combined with the ability to ignore certain rules, this is the armies single greatest strength. We should not ever be stuck in an unfavorable match up. I'm working on plans to "swing deploy" the entire army. This was a favorite trick of mine with the Ravenwing. You set up in a very balanced spread across the entire deployment zone, then with advanced deployment/ advanced move or just through run moves the first turn, you shift your entire army to one flank and then turn the battle field. If your opponent set up to deal with all the threats you laid out initially, and is from a slow faction, you should be able to isolate and crash down on a large part of his army before the second can effectively react.

3: They are made to counter an opponent, not go for the throat: I tried to play the Circle very agressivly, and failed. Now it's time to take a much more relaxed approach. Annoy the oponent, shut down his casting with bestial, push him away with hurricane, flee behind the woods so he has to work to get at me... and then, snap the trap shut as the army moves apart. Easy to say, hard to do... but I think this is how the army will win.

MY LIST: 35 points
-Kromac the Ravenous
-Feral Warpwolf
-Pureblood Warpwolf
-6 Bloodtrackers
-3 Tharn Wolf Riders
-4 Ravagers

Everything has pathfinder or can be given ghostly. Most of the units are frighteningly fast and Kromac can aid the beasts' speed with his spells...

I plan on setting Kromac and the wolves up dead center with the riders off to one side. Everything else has advanced deployment and will allow me to "swing the flank" very early on. The ammount of damage this list can drop on infantry is incredible, but heavy warjacks and beasts will give this list a lof of trouble. We'll be relying on a warpwolf or beastly Kromac to handle anything big and scary. The feral is my assasination bullet with Kromac himself able to jump in and do the deed if the situation is correct.

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