Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Warmachine Tourney Prep. 5 days out

Greetings from B-More where we had a beautiful day. After work I jumped on the bicycle and pulled a quick 27 miles of hills and soaked up some fall sunshine.

Tomorrow. It will rain. It's been like freaking Seattle here lately...

Anyways, you; my fellow nerds, care not for my weather commentary or how insane my bike ride was today, so let's talk little toy soldiers!

Tournament draws closer. 5 days out. My wife and I have tickets for Macbeth on Friday night and we're playing D&D on Saturday night, so that timeline is even more abbreviated!

So today's blog entry, eNemo. yesterday I blogged about the eStryker list I plan on using. I definitely think Stryks is the more powerful list (at least in my unskilled hands) but my second list is going to be eNemo. Take a look at yesterday's blog for what's in the list.

I don't know this list as well as the Stryker list, and that's got me worried. This list is my counter to a stealth incorporeal threat, as the Black 13th make an appearance along with the Storm Callers.

A pulsing thunderhead can help clear pesky infantry and the Stormguard are great for holding an objective or chunking medium toughness enemies. Stormcallers are fun, I don't usually go for the crazy triangulations of doom as eNemo's bonus for the 'callers makes them great at simply sniping enemy models. The infantry though is not very important.

This list is all about the 'jacks. Thunderhead is my distractor. He's a big point sink and people seem to respond to him proportionately. While everyone is focusing on the Head (who is much more survivable with Polarity Shield or Fail Safe), my Hammersmith is loaded up on focus, upkept with lightening shroud and moving faster than expected under energizer to bash up what ever target is most juicy. The charger hangs back with Nemo giving him a LOS block and taking pot shots when possible until feat turn when it is loaded with focus and hopefully dropping a light jack or beast or at least a solo.

This list will have trouble winning scenario based games, but can do ok as long as it doesn't have to spread out too much. I'll have to be heads up if my opponent brings any warjack shut down lists (Skarre with Satyxis or any Ret list bringing Mage Hunters) and just use eStryker if possible.

 tomorrow's entry: Getting the models ready for play.

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