Monday, October 17, 2011

Heading to a Warmachine Tourney! Six Days Out!

So yesterday I laid out my considerations when choosing two armies for a tournament situation. I've come to my conclusion for the tournament. eStryker and eNemo.

Now if you don't play these casters (or if you don't enjoy a sneaky glimpse into the vast primordial chaos that is my mind) you might want to go read some Necron rumors or something, because I'm gonna get a little specific here.
You have been warned.
Wait a minute... I haven't read Necron rumors yet today.... brb...

The C'tan are gone? Really? Dag... anyways... back to our regularly scheduled series of rambling thoughts and half formed ideas already in progress.

So the lists.
Ol' Rowdy
6x stormblades + UA+ 1 WA
6x stormblades + UA+ 1 WA
6x stormguard

3x storm callers
Black 13th
Arlan Strangeways
6x stormguard

 Under my own criteria, the first thing about the list is Do I Know the List? I have played the eStryker list more than any other list I have owned so it's a big yes. I've won with eStryker, I've lost with eStryker, I've won on assasination, I've won on scenario (lost on both of them a lot too...) but I do feel comfortable with the list. eNemo is a little more of a wildcard, since I've only had about 10-12 games with the angry old man and his giant electro jack of doom, but I have at least played him a little bit.

Now some theory on the Stryker. eStryker is a very different game than eNemo, hence why I'm pairing them together. eStryks can handle a heavy infantry army with things like man o' wars and bastions or a jack heavy or beast heavy army. The stormblades hit hard with assault and a well placed feat turn can turn a battle line to pulp. Both heavy jacks are the best beat sticks that Cygnar can bring, and are relatively efficient focus wise leaving Stryker with enough focus to beat some things down, or take well aimed hand cannon shots. Rebuke is a powerful spell if I have to play stryker up.
 Stryker has enough infantry to try for a scenario win if the assasination isn't favorable, but it certainly isn't my first choice. Weaknesses are stealth and incorporeal models, in fact if I see an opponent carrying undead models with green glowy bits I might just park Stryks and take Nemo. Huge horde armies are also troublesome. The ideal win vector with this army is a path being cleared by stormblades and jacks so eStryker can blast through the hole, supercharge, and chop the enemy caster neatly in half with his ever so big sword.

The army is totally painted too, which is a big thumbs up.

Tomorrow: eNemo

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