Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tournament Armies: Final Touches with 4 days to Go!

As predicted... it is raining in Baltimore. (Any other Counting Crows fans that get the reference? no? didn't think so...) I knocked out a 12 hour work day today so tonight's tourney update may be a bit abbreviated.

In getting ready for this weekend's shindig I wanted to take a look at my armies and see if there was anything they needed. I touched up a few paint chips here and there, but there was something else that I've been putting off for way too long.

Arc Markings.

Not to be confused with things measured in cubits or the autobots ship, arc marks are (for the non warmahordes crowd) simply two marks placed on a model's base to delineate front and rear arcs. They are also a fiddly little bit of painting that I have been ignoring up to now. So before Sunday I have to mark two entire 35 point armies...

I made a template to help things move a little faster.
And then started the process of putting base markings on the models. I went for a gradient of blue with a pattern to make them a little more unique. Here's the rough take:

It looks pretty good on all the models I've finished, and goes a long way towards tying the lists together. Tomorrow night should see all the infantry finally finished and then the armies will be ready to go. Here's a shot of everything I'm taking in both lists:
So that's it for tonight. I hope to give one last update pre-tournament and then check back Sunday night for all the various sundry details from a day of Warma-fun.

Oh... while I had the camera out, I took a few shots of some of the things both done and in progress on my painting table:

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