Monday, October 24, 2011

Tournament Results

After a week of prep Sunday was tournament day! 8 people showed up including three of us from the Carney Garage Warmachine League. The armies were Cygnar heavy with a Cryx army, 2 rets and minions rounding out the field. Overall everything was very well organized and laid out. The store is a great place to shop and play and if you live near Harford County, Maryland you should definitely check out Critical Hit Games.

GAME 1: eNemo vs. pCaine  WIN
My first game was against a very well played pCaine tier 4 list. Through some lucky repair rolls and Nemo's spells I was able to pop the pulse from t-head twice, frying a lot of gun mages. I eeked out a scenario win... barely. This was one of the most enjoyable games of Warmachine I've played in a long time.
GAME 2: eStryker vs. Barnabas LOSS

Meh. I lost to Hanan. I lose to Hanan in the garage all the time, why should a tournament be any different? I hate the gators. I know people complain about Legion being broken, but the damn gator list is just unfair. Barnabas pulled off a caster kill, but only because I was out there collecting victory points after I knew I was going to lose on scenario the next turn.

GAME 3: eStryker vs. pSkarre  WIN

Last game was a pSkarre/ eStryker show down. My feet turn worked very well allowing my storm guard and stormblades to roll a lot of thralls and satyxis. Skarre feated and sat on focus until her armor was 28. While her armor was 28, the path to her was clear. I over boosted, rolled an 11, rolled 7 for damage, then energized and charged smashing skarre down with my second hit. Caster kill win, turn three. The cryx player was another really nice guy. All and all, an enjoyable game.

So by my math, I came in third in the tournament. I'll warn you that my math sometimes ignores the laws of the universe so I may be off by 1 or 10 places. I had fun though and am looking forward to the next event.

Thinking of finishing off my Siege army and then taking a painting break from Cygnar (so.,.. much.... blue...) which might see the Circle coming off the shelf.

Be well!

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