Monday, December 19, 2011

Cygnar: 3 35 Point lists Painted

well... almost painted.
I have one damn Boomhowler troll camped out, occupying my painting table.
But otherwise, look three 35 point lists + some other stuff!
Once that damn troll gets some paint on him, I'm taking a break from Cygnar for a while as 2012 is the year of the Circle. With our upcoming slow grow league I will be focusing on painting up Grayle and his merry band of forest dwelling outlaws and werewolves.
A List of Painted Stuff (if anyone cares)
Casters: eStryker, pStryker, Siege, eNemo
Jacks: Ol' Rowdy, Hammersmith, Stormclad, Cyclone, Charger, Thunderhead, Triumph
Solos: Stormsmith Stormcallerx3, Journeyman Warcaster, Squire, Capt. Arlan Strangeways, Eiryss
Units: 2 units of stormblades w/ UA and 1 WA, 6 stormguard, 6 Arcane Tempest Gun Mages +UA, Black 13th, 2 Trencher Chainguns, Boomhowler and Co. (minus one damn troll...)
Battle Engine: Storm Strider

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