Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My Painting Station: New and Improved!

My wonderful wife restocked my paints for Christmas! This led to a total reworking of my paint station. I threw away a lot of old, mostly dried up citadel paints and reorganized my paint carousels. I've converted to using Reaper Paints and P3 paints almost exclusively now. I really like the Reaper Paints for their depth of color and coverage. The P3 adds some "game specific" colors to the pallette. I really like the spread of browns and off whites in the P3 range. I still have a few citadel colors on the table, including the full range of foundation paints and washes. The foundation paints are some of the best products GW ever produced. I also still have my leftover Citadel inks. One of GWs worst ideas was to discontinue the inks. Anyways, here's a shot of my painting station as of last night:
If you look closely, you can see the Celesital Fulcrum box in the back corner!

Tonight is 40k night! You heard that right! We're playing some old school 40k prior to starting our slow grow league for warmahordes next week. Tomorrow look for a battle report and some pics!

I've also got a few "special" blog entries planned to close out the year, so check back soon!

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