Thursday, December 29, 2011

Return to 40k: Dark Angels vs. Dark Eldar

Last night saw a return to 40k for the Carney Wargaming Crew. With the upcoming Warmahordes slow grow league we figured a evening diversion back to our original game would be a lot of fun. We set up the basement for 40k and rolled some dice... a lot of dice.

I took on Joey Baltimore's Dark Eldar and their shiny new (well to us at least) codex with a good old fashioned DarkAngels mech list. We rolled sieze ground and pitched battle. The early turns were domintaed by long range shooting. After years of PP games, 48" seems like it goes forever. I had quite a few lucky shots in turn one shutting down some of the DE skimmers. Joe moved in on one objective early on and I decided to let that one go as it had a unit of wracks and a Chronos pain engine sitting on it. I focused on the right flank and the objective that was placed there and soon had a tac. squad in a razorback parked on the objective with a clear third of the board. The middle of the table became a scrim as my fire power brought down the transports but not before Joe dropped a unit of warriors and incubi with Vect on the objective. I headed in with my command squad; a combat squad; and a very angry chaplain under the cover fire of a combat squad and a dreadnaught while he hoofed the chronos and a second unit of wracks in to add to the melee. I shot down a few DE but Vect chumped almost everything he touched before the chaplain brought his crozious into the dark eldar's helmet, ending his reign of terror in the table. In turn five a razorback charged onto the far left flank to contest the objective and then in turn 6 the dreadnought marched in to the middle objective contesting it and allowing the Dark Angels to pull off a 1-0 win.

40k = fun. The rules seem clunky now, especially the vehicle rules but I still enjoyed myself. I hope that 2012 brings 6th edition and a big return to the K for our group.

Now, we've got some Warmahordes to cover! But before the Jan. 4 kick off to the slow grow league, tune in tomorrow for the first of two end of year blog entries!

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