Friday, December 30, 2011

My Top 10 Favorite Models

Inspired by another blog entry I saw come up on the BoLS blogroll I thought I'd put together my top ten favorite list of models I've painted for the "big three" systems over the years. Some of these have never seen the light of the internet, so enjoy!

10: Wood Elf Wardancer Lord
I collected wood elves to paint. I think I got maybe three games in with them, but I have many painted models. I really enjoy this sculpt and I feel like the wood elves were the first time I really took painting seriously. I did this girl almost 6 years ago!

9: Badruk The Ork Pirate
I enoyed painting all the fiddly bitz on this guy. GW ork models have so much character and this one might be the most characterful of all. Finished in 2009.
8: World Eater Terminator Champion
My World Eater army is one of my favs. and completely 100% painted to 1850+ points. It tough to pick one model out of the army, but this one is a cool representation of the scheme and the Forge World bits. Another model from 2008/2009
7: Beast Lord
Another fantasy army. This one I actually took to a tournament and won best painted. Which was good because I didn't win many games. This is another older model, probably 5 or 6 years ago.
6: Orion
Besides being very busy, I really like this model. I spent a lot of time on him back in the day and still think he turned out pretty darn decent.
5: Belial
Ahhh my beloved Deathwing. Every model unique, freehand banners... this captain model is old school GW but still one of my favorites. I'm sure when DA are re-released under 6th belial will get a shiny new sculpt and I'll replace this guy, but it will not be without a great deal of sadness. Painted back in '08 I believe.
4: Vostroyan Banner Bearer
I find it odd that my favorite model from the fuzzy hats isn't wearing a fuzzy hat at all.... Painted in 2009.
3: Deathwing Terminator Standard
Still proud of the freehand standard.... Painted in 2009
2: eSkarre
My favorite PP sculpt, quite possibly one of my favorite models ever. While single figure models were dominated by GW, units and dreads/ jacks would of been dominated by PP. Painted in 2010

1: Sammael
The best model I've ever painted, hands down.

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