Saturday, December 17, 2011

Finished Storm Strider Pics.

It is done. I've been working on this model on and off since it was released back in July and it's finally finished. It's an incredible piece, but it was boring as all get out to paint. The repetitive nature of the circles on the legs and the ball made it very difficult to sustain interest over long painting sessions.

The blues are my normal Cygnar recipe (GW blue foundation, cygnar blue base, cygnar blue high light, then arcane blue in various levels of blend) minus the wash I normally give everything to tie the colors together. On the larger pieces the washes tend to look dirty. The silver on the ball is pig iron and mithril silver with some light arcane blue washes worked in for shadows. The golds are pretty straightforward metallic work with some brown washes for shadowing. The interior of the nodes followed the suggesstions in wrath, and I'm pretty happy with the result. The road on the base is all green stuff with a few bits added for color like the broken menoth shield. So anyway... pictures!

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