Friday, December 9, 2011


No the storm strider isn't done yet. Closer than the last pictures show, but still not done. Life has hit the holiday/ midterm of semester accelerated season and my hobbying has taken a hit. But fear not oh gentle purveyors of the internetz, D-9 has some vacation coming and hopefully a few surprise days off thanks to weather.

of course there's a small snag to that logic.

It's called Old Republic and it's coming very, very soon...

Look for a new series of articles starting here soon as our group is about to begin a slow grow league. I'm playing Circle with Grayle as my caster of choice. Hopefully I'll figure out to play the little guy and keep you up to date on my exploits. Part of the league is to paint a new army up, so if all goes as planned I should have another 50 point army done sometime in the spring.

I made a few Black Friday purchases to fill out my Circle collection, including a preorder of the Battle Engine. I picked up the Warpborn Skinwalkers finally and they are some of the coolest looking models I've ever seen.

Hopefully the next update will consist of a completed Storm Strider! Til then!

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