Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Hobby Resolutions

Happy New Year Everyone! 

It's time for the traditional New Year's hobby resolutions, which always come back to painting.
On the gaming side, I hope to continue to play games as much, if not more, as we did last year, with a special focus on Pathfinder and hopefully getting 40k back into the regular rotation. Warmachine will continue to be our game of choice though, starting with our slow grow league this week.

Painting Goals for the Year:
-Grayle the Farstrider's Army up to 35 points: This is the goal of the slow grow league, so hopefully this will happen early in the year.
-Kromac the Ravenous' Army up to 35 points: Lots of tharn to paint here. The beasts are already done, so this one is another army that shouldn't be too tough to complete.
- pDenny to 35: this is another army that is at least started and needs to be finished.
- pKrueger to 35: this will bring all of my factions up to three painted 35 point armies.

Happy New Year to All!

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