Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Slow Grow League: Night One

Happy New Year once again from the frozen tundra of Maryland... minus the work removing snow...

Our gaming group is starting 2012 with a Warmachine/ Hordes slow-grow league. We're starting with a rough battle box equivilent (your army has to match the point total of your "official battle box") then moving to 15 points, then 25, then 35 and finally 50. The idea is to get to know one caster very well with the bonus of hopefully getting another 50 point army painted up throughout the duration. (see above warpwolf for my progress painting wise...) Each point level gets a month except for the the BB/ 15 points which get two weeks a piece.

I decided to take Circle for this event and chose Grayle as my warlock of choice. I wanted to get to know him from the ground up so I figured he would be a lot of fun to play in this format. Before tonight, I had never put Grayle on the table.

Tonight started the event with battle box armies. I fielded Grayle, a Warpwolf Stalker, and a Woldwyrd. I was concerned about fury generation, but it ended up not being a big deal at all in the long run. In bigger games, that may change, but we shall see.

Tomorrow I'll write a bit about Grayle and my early perceptions, but here's tonight's standings:

vs. Shae and the Pirates: WIN!
vs. The Old Witch: WIN!
vs. Daimano: WIN!
vs: Vyros: Loss
vs. Arkadius: Loss
vs. The Old Witch (again) WIN!

not a bad way to start. I still haven't played Madrak and Baldur.

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