Friday, January 6, 2012

Grayle the Farstrider: Pt. 1

Welcome back! At each of the point totals for our slow grow league I plan to write a few quick analyses of Grayle and the things I'm learning. Tonight is based on our first night of "quasi battlebox" games. For the sake of completeness, I was running Grayle with a warpwolf stalker and a wold wyrd. The stalker has a fury stat of 4 while the wyrd runs at 3. This gives me enough fury generation to easily cover Grayle in the beginning of the game with his standard fury stat of 6.

In the battlebox format, I had to rely on Grayle to kill things and manage to stay safe. I didn't want to exchange my beasts early on, so I took some risks with Grayle that I probably won't use later on in the league. So in our first Grayle series, let's look at his hitting power and mobility.

Grayle's swords are POW 10 to start, which is unimpressive, however he has two of them and he is a weapon master. This means rolling four damage dice on the charge. Still, un buffed, I found that Grayle could demolish a light, but still struggled going up against heavies of all factions. Once Grayle was toting Storm Rager he was a little more effective. With Storm Rager up, Grayle is an effective MAT 9, meaning I very rarely felt the need to boost to hit. Grayle usually only spent one fury a turn (upkeeping Storm Rager) so when he hit the line with five focus he was getting 2 initial attacks + 5 purchased attacks. On average rolls; Grayle's looking at 19 damage per unboosted attack x6 with the charge attack at 21 damage. Against the heavies I saw on the table, I usually went for good rolling instead of the extra dice and bought attacks instead of a 4th damage dice.

Grayle is fast ( spd 7) combined with pathfinder and stealth (which he has both of) Grayle was able to move around the battle field surprisingly well. Adding to his mobility is sidestep, which allows you to move Grayle along the front of his foes as he takes his (initial only) attacks. The final addition to Grayle's mobility is sprint. Sprint was of limited use when facing Beasts and Jacks only, but I can really see Grayle pulling the hit and run routine once he sees some infantry across the field, especially with sidestep allowing him to duck away from free strikes.

Well that's it for tonight. Next time, Spells and the Feat!

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