Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Slow Grow Week 2 Update

Since week three's gaming night is tomorrow night, I guess I should toss a quick update for last week.

After a strong week one, Grayle was a little slow out of the gate. Utter failure in dropping Baldur's VERY hard to kill beasts left me wide open for sudden death and while I don't remember the merc. game I think it had much the same outcome, with me at an inability to finish off two heavies in one turn.

Game 1: Circle vs. Circle (Baldur) LOSS
Game 2: vs. Daimanio LOSS

Then I decided it was time to set Grayle loose and see what he could do. I tried to play him a little more front line so his damage output was finishing off things that the wyrd and the stalker were crashing into.

Game 3: vs. pMadrak: WIN

Ninja Grayle charged through the lines and pounded Madrak into the turf.

Game 4: vs. Vyros: WIN
This time ninja Grayle jumped out of the woods and scrapped Vyros' last jack (a heavy) for the win.

Game 5: vs. Shae: WIN
I had had quite a few drinks by this point, but I'm pretty sure the warpwolf ate Shae. I could be wrong though...

Tomorrow night we move up to 15 points. Grayle and his warpack are getting a min unit of Wolves of Oroboros with UA to give me some tarpit ability and to set up the addition of Moraig later in the league. I figure the UA and CMA will give me another big punch to help drop heavy targets.

On the painting front, Grayle is done as are two Wolves. More to come.

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