Monday, January 23, 2012

Slow Grow League Painting Update

Today was one of the ugliest days that has hit Baltimore in a long time. The weather itsself seemed to be in a crappy mood following the Ravens' loss, and it mirrored pretty much every single person's mood who I ran into anywhere I went today.

I guess now that football season is over it's time to focus on hobby news. Still a few more months before my bike takes over my free time again, and those months jive perfectly with our slow grow league.

The goal (for anyone who just dropped in here for the first time) is to paint an entire 50 pt army as we move through our slow grow league from January to May. There is prize support for our group, but since I'm providing prizes I'm not too excited.

This month was going to be a heavy paint month for me. 15 points of my Grayle list included two warbeasts, Grayle, and 8 wolves of orboros. So with the month winding down...
excuse the crappy photography.
Two warbeasts? CHECK
Warlock? CHECK
Wolves of Orboros? almost...

still have two more infantry plus both models of the UA on my painting table. Hopefully I'll finish them off by the end of the month. The two rank and file guys are already 60% or so finished, so there's a good chance I'll make my goals this month.

Painting up the Circle has been a nice change from all the Cygnar work I was doing. The enameled gold effect is relatively easy to pull off and I like the cohesive look it's bringing to the army. The various greys that I've been blending on cloaks and beasts have been a lot of fun too. Hopefully I'll do a little tutorial for everyone one of the last four Wolves of Oroboros when I bump the list up to 35 points.

The other slow grow member who's going to make his mark this month is Joey Baltimore. A little shout out for his foray into model painting, which I think is going quite good. I'm sure he'll regale everyone with his trials and tribulations in the comments. Hopefully I'll get some pics of J.B's Retribution for everyone... the only problem is they die so easily to Grayle...
I'm an elf killin' ninja!

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