Sunday, January 22, 2012

Slow Grow Week 3 Update

Waiting for the Ravens to take the field... figured I'd type up a quick update!

The slow grow league moved over to 15 points this week and set up some changes in people's armies. I added a min unit of Wolves of Oroboros and UA just to have a bit of a tarpit and some objective holding capability. I feel like with Grayle's relatively limited spell list I'm ok on Fury management at this point.

My first 15 point game was against Vyros and the elves. Joey B. brought along the lesser warlock and her snake which was surprisinly effective at this point level. The game went back and forth until Joe went for broke and wasn't successful in an assaination run. Grayle sliced the elf down in short order.

Game two went against Arkadius and his warhogs. I had this game, but my dice let me down in the end. Grayle was able to cut down two warhogs on his own (with a little help from his wolf... just a little) A final warhog brought the game to an end.

In the painting front, I have finished Grayle, the stalker, the woldwyrd, and 4 wolves of oroboros. 4 more infantry models and I'm done my 15 points in time. Look for pictures soon!

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  1. Joey b had a painted snake by the way, and despite losing to "ninja" grayle again, is winning the slow grow. Ugh, I wish I was still waiting for kickoff and hadn't watched that nonsense.